7-Zip SFX Maker

7-Zip SFX Maker 3.3

It creates self-extracting executable (EXE) files from any 7-zip archive
3.3 (See all)

7-Zip SFX Maker creates self-extracting executable (EXE) files from any 7-zip archive. The program combines a fast and simple conversion process with the possibility of fully customizing the way the executable file will interact with the user when double-clicked on. These customization features cover where the file will extract, the overwrite mode, the messages it will show during the extraction process, and many other interesting settings.

This is actually the beauty of this open-source tool – more than the conversion process itself (extremely useful in its own right), it is the capability of defining and designing how the EXE file will perform that makes 7-Zip SFX Maker stand out from other “archive to EXE” conversion tools. Thus, you can define the location and the name of the folder where the files will extract, or let the users to make their own choices. You can hide or show how the extraction process progresses, delete the SFX file after extraction, and define if and how files will be overwritten. The SFX file can also be made to look attractive – you can add text messages to be displayed when the extraction begins, when canceled by the user and when the process has finished. You can also configure all the parameters that will be taken into account when creating a shortcut for the file, including the possibility of attaching the icon of your choice.

This extensive list of settings has been neatly organized under various tabs, making it a fairly simple utility to use despite the high number of features available.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Produces highly customizable SFX files
  • Clear tabbed interface


  • A version 3 is available on the Sourceforge site, but it does not install
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